Islamic Mysticism Contested

Thirteen Centuries of Controversies and Polemics

Editors: de Jong and Bernd Radtke
Islamic mysticism was contested from the formative period of Islam till the present. Criticism of and opposition to mystical conceptions of Islam and their adherents constitute an integral part of an ongoing debate inside the Islamic tradition. Controversies and polemics concerning Islamic mysticism often shaped and coincided with socio-political configurations.
This volume results from a collective effort by a group of Islamicists and area specialists with a variety of disciplinary orientations to arrive at a comprehensive view of these controversies and polemics wherever and whenever found.
The thirty-five contributions and the introduction are united in their historicising approach, while taking into account the wider socio-political context. Detailed indexes facilitate consultation of the work and give it an added value as work of reference and research tool.

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Frederick De Jong is Professor of Islamic Languages and Cultures at Utrecht University. Bernd Radtke is Associate Professor of Arabic and Persian Studies at Utrecht University. Both editors have published extensively on Islamic mysticism and Islamic history.
' This volume provides a rich account of the divide between Sufism and its varous internal and external opponents…ths volume provides the requisite background for understanding the rise of contemporary fundamentalist Islam and te place of anti-Sufī rhetoric within it.' Aaron Hughes, Religious Studies Review, 2001. ' …cet énorme ouvrage (829 p.) contient 37 articles de grande qualité…un instrument de travail parfait.' Th. Zarcone, Journal of the History of Sufism, 2000. ' This volume is a superb resource for sūfī studies with much that is original, fascinating and stimulating. Every scholar of tasawwuf who can afford it will wish to buy a copy; every university library with an Arabic and Islamic Studies Department should buy a copy.' Ian Richard Netton, Bibliotheca Orientalis, 2000. ' …it will become a classic in the area of documenting polemics against sūism, and a valuable reference source in sūfī studies. It is strongly recommended for purchase by all research institutions focusing on Islamic studies.' Omid Safi, Islamic Studies, 2000. ' This volume has ample information for anyone who would like to engage in a further investigation of the role of Sufism in Islam.' Valerie Hoffman, Journal of the American Oriental Society, 2001. ' …comprehensive, abundantly informative and thought-provoking volume…' L. Kropacek, Archiv Orientánií, 2001.
All those interested in Islamic history, thought, theology, mysticism, as well as area specialists working on the Middle East, the Balkans, Africa, Central Asia, China, the Indian Subcontinent, and South East Asia.