Working with Water in Medieval Europe

Technology and Resource-Use


Editor: Paolo Squatriti
A collaborative study of the uses of water and the technologies employed to use it in medieval Europe. Experts on different areas of water use and of the European continent contribute separate studies to it so as to produce the first comprehensive survey of the techniques people used to harness, and defend themselves from, water in western Christendom between 500 and 1500. Each chapter sets the technologies of fishing, land drainage, irrigation, flood control, urban, domestic, and ecclesiastical water supply within a social and cultural context. Of interest to historians of technology and science, social historians, and all medievalists.


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Biographical Note

Paolo Squatriti, Ph.D. (1990) in History, University of Virginia, teaches Medieval European History at the University of Michigan. His publications on Early Medieval Italian History include Water and Society in Early Medieval Italy ( Cambridge U.P., 1998).

Review Quotes

' ...a very valuable volume…' Petra J.E.M. van Dam, Environment and History, 2003.

Table of contents

List of Illustrations List of Contributors Introduction / Paolo Squatriti Ch. 1: Waterpower in Medieval Ireland / Colin Rynne Ch. 2: Medieval England's Water-Related Technologies / Richard Holt Ch. 3: Hydraulic Engineering in the Netherlands during the Middle Ages / William H. TeBrake Ch. 4: Water Technology in Medieval Germany / Klaus Grewe Ch. 5: Medieval Hydraulics in France / Paul Benoit, Josephine Rouillard Ch. 6: The Technologies of Water in Medieval Italy / Roberta Magnusson, Paolo Squatriti Ch. 7: Hydraulic Systems and Technologies of Islamic Spain: History and Archaeology / Thomas F. Glick, Helena Kirchner Ch. 8: Medieval Fishing / Richard Hoffmann Bibliography Index


Those interested in Medieval Europe, in the history of science and technology, environmental history, and pre-modern societies.