The Book of Proverbs and Arabic Proverbial Works


This is the first detailed study that critically compares and contrasts the wisdom sentences of the Book of Proverbs with classical and post-classical Arabic proverbs; reference is also made to current Arabic proverbs.
The wisdom tradition of Solomon is examined and is compared to that of the Arab sage Luqmân. The book deals with three main themes that are of special significance both in the Book of Proverbs and in Arabic proverbial works: royalty, speech and silence, wealth and poverty.
The book concludes with a study of some form-critical and traditio-historical aspects of the treated proverbs.
Hundreds of classical Arabic proverbs and wisdom sayings of Prophet Muḥammad appear for the first time in English.
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Biographical Note

Riad Aziz Kassis, Ph.D. (1997) in Old Testament, University of Nottingham, is Assistant Professor at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Beirut, Lebanon and Chaplain of J.L. Schneller Institute. He has published several articles and works in Arabic.

Review Quotes

' Certainly anyone who wishes to offer a theory on the origin of the sentence literature in Proverbs will need to read and consider the book.'
Andrew E. Steinmann, Review of Biblical Literature, 2000.
' Kassis's pioneering survey of extensive corpora of Arabic sayings that elucidate biblical material is therefore invaluable.'
P.J. Williams, Tyndale Bulletin, 2000.


All those interested in the study of wisdom literature, Arabic and Hebrew proverbs, the wisdom sayings of Prophet Muḥammad, as well as linguists, theologians, and Arabists.


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