The Problemata Physica, attributed to Aristotle

The Arabic Version of ḥunain ibn Ishāq and the Hebrew Version of Moses ibn Tibbon


Editor: L.S. Filius
A first edition of the Arabic text and the Hebrew text of the Problemata Physica, ascribed to Aristotle, which has been elaborated in later Antiquity in Greek. The text, corresponding with the first 15 books of the existing Greek text, contains chiefly medical problems, but also biological and mathematical ones.
Therefore this volume deals with a comparison of the existing Greek text and the lost extended Greek version, only transmitted in this Arabic translation and in this Hebrew translation of the Arabic version. The authorship of the famous translator ḥunain ibn Ishāq has been discussed.
The role of the Problemata Physica in Arabic literature has not been omitted.
Interesting for Semitic linguistics is the description of the language used by ḥunain ibn Ishāq and Moses ibn Tibbon, and of the influence of Arabic on the Hebrew of the translators. Glossaries have been added to give the reader the opportunity to compare the Arabic text with the Greek and the Hebrew ones.

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Lourus S. Filius, Ph.D. (1989) in Semitics, Free University of Amsterdam. As a specialist of Arabic translations from Greek he has been affiliated with the Department of Arabic of the University of Leiden.
' ...celui-ci est un ouvrage de référence indispensable pour tout chercheur investi dans les etudes sur Averroès et plus largement dans l’étude de la transmission de la philosophie grecque à la philosophie arabe.’
Ali Benmakhlouf, Bulletin Critique des Annales Islamologiques, 2001.
All those interested in intellectual history, Classical Antiquity, Semitics, the history of medicine, biology and mathematics.