Manisa nach Evliyā Çelebi

Aus dem neunten Band des Seyāḥat-nāme. Übersetzung und Kommentar


Author: Nuran Tezcan
The present monograph, volume IV in the series Evliyā Çelebi's Book of Travels, comprises Evliyā's account of the West-Anatolian city of Manisa and the surrounding region. Evliyā visited Manisa on his way to the holy cities in 1671 and described it in great detail. This critical edition of a portion of the Seyāḥat-nāme is based on two Istanbul manuscripts, Topkapı Sarayı/Bağdat Köşkü 306 and Süleymaniye/Beşir Ağa 452.
The introduction is followed by the text edition with parallel German translation. An extensive commentary explains numerous concepts of material culture and compares Evliyā's information with other Ottoman and Western primary sources.
Included as important supplements are excerpts from two major works of Ottoman cosmography: ‘Āşıḳ Meḥmed b. ‘Ömer b. Bāyezid, Menāẓıru'l-‘avālim and Kātib Çelebi, Cihān-nümā.

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Nuran Tezcan, Dr.phil. (1996), University of Bamberg. She has edited a sizeable Ottoman Masnavi ( Lāmi‘īs Gūy u Çevgān, (Franz Steiner, 1994) and has published a lexicon of basic Turkish ( Elementarwortschatz Türkish-Deutsch, (Otto Harrassowitz, 1988).
' ...will be a standard reference whenever information is needed on Ottoman Manisa.'
J.M. Rogers, Journal of Royal Asiatic Society, 2000.
Those interested in Turkis studies, Ottoman history and literature, archaeology, geography.