Chinese Thought in a Global Context

A Dialogue Between Chinese and Western Philosophical Approaches


Editor: Karl-Heinz Pohl
How do Chinese and Western philosophical traditions interact today? In the underlying collection of articles both Chinese and Western scholars carefully examine the issue, one of fundamental importance for the mutual understanding of China and the West. The volume is the result of a symposium which sought to initiate a dialogue between China and the West on questions ranging from philosophy to politics and aesthetics.

The papers deal with various topics of cross-cultural hermeneutics, such as differences between Chinese and Western concepts of man’s relation to the universe, human rights, self and community, good and evil, and beauty. In some of the contributions attempts are made to adapt the Chinese philosophical inheritance to the modern or post-modern condition. A useful reference for all those - historians of ideas, political scientists, and China watchers alike - who want to understand the dynamics of the cultural flow between East and West and the significance of Chinese thought in a global context.


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Biographical Note

Karl-Heinz Pohl, Ph.D. (1982), in East Asian Studies, University of Toronto, is Professor of Chinese Studies, Trier University (Germany). He has published on Chinese aesthetics, literature and history of ideas.


All those interested in the intellectual history of China (and the West), modern Chinese history, history of contact and exchange between China and the Western world, political scientists and China watchers.