Theophrastus Metaphysics

With Introduction, Translation and Commentary


Editor: M. van Raalte
This book has been written from the conviction that general statements about the philosophical position taken by Theophrastus in this small but extremely difficult treatise, can only be made on the basis of a detailed interpretation of each and every sentence of the text. This resulted in a full commentary, which evades no philological or philosophical question that should be asked in order to elicit from the text a maximum of information. The outcome is a cautious but nonetheless explicit and determinate characterization and evaluation of Theophrastean metaphysics as a biologist's metaphysics, which deserves the attention of philosophers in its own right.
The author has paid special attention to questions of Peripatetic idiom and terminology, thus increasing the value of this book to students of Peripatetic thought in general. The information brought together has been made easily accessible by full indexes.
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Biographical Note

Marlein van Raalte is a member of the Department of Greek in the University of Leiden. Her publications include Rhythm and Metre. Towards a Systematic Description of Greek Stichic Verse (1986).

Review Quotes

' ...commentaire traduction [est] précise à souhait...'
Bulletin de l'Association Guillaume Budé, 1993.
' It contains valuable lexical and grammatical material from the Corpus Aristotelicum & Theophrasteum and interesting observations about grammar and style.'
Josip Talanga, Classical Review, 1995.
' Un travail exemplaire, dont il faut souligner l'importance centrale dans les études actuelles sur l'aristotélisme.'
Bruno Vancamp, L'Antiquité, 1995.
' She makes careful and sensitive use of the minutiae of tenses and moods, and a study of her treatment of individual passages can be rewarding, and suggest lines ot thought beyond the ususal run.'
Pamela M. Huby, Journal of Hellenic Studies, 1995.


Scholars and students in the field of Ancient Greek, Greek Philosophy and the History of Philosophy in general.


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