Lexicon Gregorianum, Volume 3 Band III ἔαρ - ἑωσφόρος

Wörterbuch zu den Schriften Gregors von Nyssa

Editor: Friedhelm Mann
The Lexicon Gregorianum constitutes the most comprehensive Greek-German dictionary ever, of the language used by Gregory of Nyssa. It is the result of more than three decades of dedicated scholarly research. It is, and will be for the foreseeable future, the only dictionary available specifically addressing the vocabulary of late classical Greek.
Far from being a simple word list, this seminal reference work documents Gregory's complete vocabulary, taking account of the syntax, meaning and connotations of every occurrence of a key word in his writings.
The complete Lexicon comprises 10 volumes, totalling more than 13,000 entries.

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Biographical Note
Friedhelm Mann, Ph.D., is Research Associate at the Forschungsstelle Gregor von Nyssa (Münster).
Review Quotes
"It is beyond doubt that the Lexicon Gregorianum [...] will constitute a new impetus for research on this great Cappadocian Father [...] Brill also deserves to be applauded for the beatiful lay-out and execution of the LexGreg, which makes it a sheer pleasure to use and browse through [...] Dr. Friedhelm Mann carried for many years the burden of this gigantic task and therefore put many researchers in his debt, not only those working on Gregory of Nyssa but also those interested in Greek philology, patristic theology and philosophy [...] a final feature of the Lexicon stands out: the intelligence with which it is compiled [...] on of the major achievements in patristic scholarship." – Johan Leemans, in: Vigiliae Christianae, 2002 "Nous saluons avec joie la parution des IIIe, IVe et Ve tomes du Lexicon Gregorianum […] On ne saurait exprimer trop de reconnaissance aux patients réalisateurs d'une telle œuvre." – in: Bulletin de Théologie Patristique Grecque, 2005
The Lexicon Gregorianum provides an indispensable tool to philological, philosophical and theological researchers on Gregory of Nyssa, the Greek Church Fathers, church history and late antique thought in general.
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