Iter Italicum: A Finding list of Uncatalogued or Incompletely Catalogued Humanistic MSS, Iter Italicum: Index and Addenda to Vol 5.: Alia itinera 3: Sweden to Yugoslavia, Utopia. Italy 3: Supplement to Italy

Compiled by J. Wardman and her Assistants in Collaboration with the Author


The Iter Italicum serves as a useful reference work for scholars in the history of philosophy, the sciences, classical learning, grammar and rhetoric, Neolatin literature, historiography of the theory of the arts and of music and related subjects. By scanning the volume or through this index, scholars will be able to find source material for individual writers as well as for certain subjects, problems or themes. By indicating for each manuscript its location and shelf-mark, scholars will find it easier to order microfilms or to pursue more detailed studies of some of the manuscripts listed. The volumes should also prove useful for librarians as a reference for the holdings of their own or other libraries.

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