Sources on the Alans

A Critical Compilation


Author: Agustí Alemany
The first exhaustive key to the sources to, and the proper names of the Alans. The scattered nature of sources and their dispersion in time, space and intermediary languages may explain the lack of a true comprehensive guide to this important ancient people, a nomadic tribe of Iranian stock, living from one end of the Eurasian steppes to the other. Documents from ancient up to medieval times regularly make, in a wide variety of languages, mention of the Alans.
With his Sources on the Alans Agustí Alemany now provides us for the first time with a reliable and exhaustive handbook by collecting, classifying, translating (or summarizing) all reports on the Alans written in Greek, Latin, Medieval Latin, Byzantine, Arabic, Armenian, Catalan, Georgian, Hebrew, Iranian, Mongol, Russian, Syriac and Chinese languages.
The volume will also be frequently used as an Onomasticon. With time tables and indices on authors and passages. A reference work in the truest sense.

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Agustí Alemany, Ph.D. (1997) in Classical Philology is Assistant Lecturer in Greek Philology at the autonomous University of Barcelona.
"…das viel ersehnte und von nun an unentbehrliche Standarwerk jedwelcher Alanenforschung." – Virgil Ciociltan, Ungarn Jahrbuch, 2004 "There can be no doubt: this is a splendidly conceived and executed work, a major contribution not only to the history of the Alans but also to the medieval history of the Caucasus region." – Denis Sinor, JAH, 2004 "In his outstanding study, the author has presented us with a thesaurus of information that is of interest to students both of Iranian and Caucasian linguistics and of the fascinating cultures of the Eurasian steppes during the first millennium A.D." – Fridrik Thordarson, Journal of the American Oriental Society, 2002
All those interested in the Iranian and Indo-European world, Ancient and Medieval history, intercultural relations, as well as classical philologists and orientalists.