Contemporary Sources for the Fourth Crusade


This volume presents English translations, with introductions and notes, of Latin sources for the Fourth Crusade (1202-1204).
The sources consist of forty-one letters from the registers of Pope Innocent III; the three extant versions of the letter of 1203 that Count Hugh of Saint Pol dispatched to the West; The Devastation of Constantinople (DC); the account of the Anonymous of Soissons; passages from the Deeds of the Bishops of Halberstadt; and the chronicle accounts of Ralph of Coggeshall and Alberic of the Trois Fontaines. Now with critical editions of the DC and the Anonymous of Soissons in appendices.
By virtue of the different perspectives through which they viewed the crusade, these sources combine to deepen our understanding of this complex and controversial moment in Western-Byzantine relations.
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Biographical Note

Alfred J. Andrea, Ph.D. (1969) in History, Cornell University, is Professor Emeritus of Medieval History at the University of Vermont. He has published extensively on the Fourth Crusade, including The Capture of Constantinople: The 'Hystoria Constantinopolitana' of Gunther of Pairis (Philadelphia, 1997) and, most recently, Encyclopedia of the Crusades (Westport, 2003).

Table of contents


Pt. 1. In the Heat of Events: Sources Immediate to the Fourth Crusade 5
1. The Registers of Innocent III 7
2. Count Hugh of Saint Pol's Report to the West 177
Pt. 2. In Reflection: Eyewitness Accounts after the Fact 203
1. The Devastatio Constantinopolitana 205
2. The Anonymous of Soissons 223
3. The Deeds of the Bishops of Halberstadt 239
Pt. 3. The Crusade Viewed from the Cloister: Ralph of Coggeshall and Alberic of Trois Fontaines 265
1. Ralph of Coggeshall, Chronicle 277
2. Alberic of Trois Fontaines, Chronicle 291

Abbreviations 311
Bibliography 313
Index 321


All interested in medieval history, especially the crusades, Western-Byzantine relations, and medieval historiography.

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