Friends and Rivals in the East

Studies in Anglo-Dutch Relations in the Levant from the Seventeenth to the Early Nineteenth Century

This volume, based on both European and Ottoman sources, investigates the commercial, military and diplomatic relations between the Dutch and the English in the Levant from the early seventeenth to the early nineteenth century. On the one hand there was a more or less constant commercial rivalry and there were moments of outright military hostility between the two powers. On the other a common life in the Near East led to a form of solidarity which transcended the political situation in the home countries. The role of the local population of the Levant, of Ottoman officials, and of the Greeks, Armenians and other eastern Christians who intervened both as merchants and as embassy dragomans or interpreters, was often decisive in influencing the dealings between the Dutch and English residents. The nine papers examine these different aspects of a relationship which has never before been studied in a Levantine context.

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Alastair Hamilton is the Dr. C. Louise Thijssen-Schoute Professor of the History of Ideas at Leiden University. His publications include William Bedwell the Arabist 1563-1632 (Brill, 1985) and Europe and the Arab World (Azimuth-OUP, 1994). Alexander H. de Groot is Reader in Islamic Institutions at Leiden University. His publications include The Ottoman Empire and the Dutch Republic: A History of the Earliest Relations, 1610-1630 (Nederlands Historisch-Archaeologisch Instituut, 1978). Maurits H. van den Boogert is completing his dissertation at Leiden University on Ottoman dragomans under European protection in eighteenth-century Aleppo.
' interesting set of case studies amied primarily at an audience of scholars of the Middle East and Europe.' Palmira Brummett, MESA Bulletin, 2001.
Those interested in Anglo-Dutch relations, the Anglo-Dutch wars, Ottoman dealings with Europe in the early modern period, the role of local dragomans or interpreters in European embassies in the Levant, trade in the Levant and the economic history of Izmir.