Words, Imagery, and the Mystery of Christ

A Reconstruction of Cyril of Alexandria's Christology


This volume deals with the christology of fifth-century pastor and theologian Cyril of Alexandria, particularly as it relates to Apollinarianism and Nestorianism. More specifically, it explores the use of a plethora of images to illustrate his understanding of the mystery of Christ.
The book traces the background of his analogies in the philosophers and the Scriptures. Included are sections on Cyril’s understanding and use of the Scriptures, and the intended force of images in his theology. The final part is a re-reading of his christology through the lens of his christological imagery. Historians of Christian theology and dogma will find a unique look into the word pictures Cyril uses and the picture of Christ the reveal.
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Biographical Note

Steven A. McKinion, Ph.D. (1998), University of Aberdeen, is Assistant Professor of Church History at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. He has books from NYU Press and IVP.

Review Quotes

' …lucidly written and carefully argued book.'
Harry O. Maier, Ecclesiastical History, 2003.


All those interested in christology, history of theology, theological expression, and patristic interpretation, including historians of Late Antiquity, Byzantinists, and Church historians.


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