The Character of the Syriac Version of the First Book of Samuel


Textual critics and biblical scholars recognize the need to understand the unique character of a biblical version before comparing its readings to the Masoretic Text. This study focuses on the character of the Syriac version of 1 Samuel and its relationship to the MT, the LXX, Targum Jonathan and the Hebrew texts from Qumran. Readings that are unique to this version are organized so as to expose its translation techniques, exegesis, and other characteristics. Readings that agree with the LXX and Targum Jonathan against the MT are evaluated with a view to detecting traces of influence from these versions. This study will assist biblical scholars, text critics, and students of the Peshitta who wish to learn more about a particular reading or about the Peshitta’s overall character.


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Biographical Note

Craig E. Morrison, Doctorate in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, is Lector (assistant professor) in Syriac and Targumic Aramaic in the faculty of ancient near Eastern studies, Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome.