Judgement and Salvation

The Composition and Redaction of Micah 2-5


This volume deals with the redaction history of the Book of Micah vis-à-vis the alternation of the oracles of judgement and the oracles of salvation in chapters 2-5.
The first part of the book offers a brief discussion of the most important hypotheses to account for the alternation of doom and hope that have been put forward over the last three or four decades: the composition model, the dialogue model and the redaction-historical model.
The second part of the book offers a detailed study of the text of Micah 2-5 followed by a thorough analysis of the form and literary development of the individual pericopes. The study is concluded by a fresh presentation of the redaction history of the Book of Micah.
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Biographical Note

Jan A. Wagenaar, Ph.D. (1995), Utrecht University, has taught Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew at Utrecht University, Kings College London and the Catholic Theological University at Utrecht. As a Research Fellow at Utrecht University he is currently preparing a study on the formation of the Priestly Code.


All those interested in the text, form and literary history of the Book of Micah in particular or the composition and redaction of prophetic literature in general.

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