Jesus and Jewish Covenant Thinking


This book offers the first large-scale investigation into the attitude of the historical Jesus towards covenant belief, the dominant theme of the Judaism of Jesus' day.
The book, intended as part one of a two-volume investigation, takes its point of departure in a simple question which nevertheless integrally reflects the covenant thinking of the time: Was Jesus engaged in trying to find out how to remain faithful to the covenant?
Current scholarship underlines both the importance of the covenant belief for early Judaism and the need for considering Jesus as being within Judaism. Studying how Jesus viewed the covenant leads right to the heart of the matter, both illuminating his relation to Judaism and providing a significant, still unexamined vantage point for his proclamation.

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Tom J.O. Holmén, Th.D. (1999), Åbo Akademi University, Finland, works as a Research Fellow of the Academy of Finland.
' Tom Holmén's book Jesus and Jewish Covenant Thinking is a real step forward in the flourishing debate about how Jesus fitted in, and sometimes radically stood out against, the Jewish environment of his day. It is a major work of scholarship which must be taken seriously by other writers in this area.' Tom Wright, Canon, Westminster Abbey. ' We sorely need an up-to-date treatment of Jesus and the Mosaic Law, and I believe Tom Holmén's Jesus and Jewish Covenant Thinking has supplied it. The book addresses in a serious and competent way the pressing issue of the stance of the historical Jesus vis-à-vis the Law in general and the various questions of halaka in particular. I hope the book is widely used and widely discussed. It makes a valuable contribution to the ongoing debate about Jesus the Jew.' John P. Meier, Professor, Notre Dame University
All those interested in biblical history or theology, especially early Judaism and Christianity, their interrelationship, the historical Jesus, and the dialogue between the Synagogue and the Church.