The Medieval Concept of Time

Studies on the Scholastic Debate and its Reception in Early Modern Philosophy


Editor: Pasquale Porro
This volume examines the changing perceptions of time in the transition from the medieval debate to early modern philosophy. Some of the foremost contemporary experts try to weave the various strands of the topic into a methodological and doctrinal whole.
The book consists of 21 studies (19 in English, 2 in French) subdivided into five main sections, entitled respectively The Late Antique Legacy, The Scholastic Debate, Late Scholasticism, Time and Medicine, Early Modern Philosophy. Themes discussed include the reception of Aristotle’s doctrine of time, the Augustinian and Neoplatonic heritage, the concepts of divine eternity and angelic duration, and the particular role attributed to time in medieval and early modern medicine.
This collection of studies aims at offering a comprehensive historico-doctrinal analysis of one of the most fascinating topics in western intellectual history.

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Pasquale Porro, Ph.D. in Philosophy (Rome 1994), is Professor of History of Medieval Philosophy at the University of Bari. He has published extensively on Scholastic philosophy, including Forme e modelli di durata nel pensiero medievale (Leuven University Press, 1996).
Foreword The Late Antique Legacy The Neoplatonic Doctrine of Time and Eternity and its Influence on Medieval Philosophy Carlos Steel Measuring in Accordance with dimensiones certae Augustine Hippo and the Question of Time Maria Bettetini The Scholastic Debate Averroes's Doctrine of Time and Its Reception in the Scholastic Debate Cecilia Trifogli Aeternitas - aevum - tempus. The Concept of Yime and the System of ALbert the Grea Angelic Measures: Aevum and Discrete Time Du temps cosmique a la duree ontologiqe? Duns Scot, le temps, l; aevum et l'eternite Olivier Boulnois The Concept of Time in the First Scotistic School Guido Alliney Time and Temporality in the 'German Dominican School'.Outlines of a Philosophical Debate between Nicolaus of Strasbourg, Dietrich of Freiberg, Eckhart of Heoheim and Ioannes Tauler Niklaus Largier The Categories of Temporality in William Ockham and John Buridan Alessandro Ghisalberti Guiral Ot: de l'eternite au temps et retour. Conjectures a partir du De multiformi visione Dei Time and modi rerum in Nicole Oresme's Physics Commentary Stefano Caroti Late Scholasticism The Concept of Time According to the Coimbra Commentaries Mario S. de Carvalho The Concept of Time in the Metaphysics of Suarez Constantino Esposito Juan Caramel on the Year 2000: Time and Possible Worlds in Early Modern Scholasticism Jacob Schmutz Time and Medicine Conceptions of Time in Twelfth Century Salernitan Medicine Thomas Ricklin Time in Modern Medicine Mauro Di Giandomenico Early Modern Philosophy The Concept of Time in Giordano Bruno: Cosmic Times and Eternity Miguel Angel Granda Tempus, aevum, aeternitas in the Philosophy of Tommaso Campanella Paolo Ponzio The Time of Men and the Time of Objects: Galileo and His Contemporaries Maurizio Torrini Abiding Then: Eternity of God and Eternity of the World from Hobbes to the Encyclopedie Bibliography Index codicum Index nominum
All those interested in intellectual history, the history of philosophy, the history of science and particularly those studying medieval philosophy and theology.