Seleucid Archival Texts in the Harvard Semitic Museum


Author: Wallenfels
The Harvard Semitic Museum possesses ten archival cuneiform tablets from Seleucid Uruk bearing the impressions of ninety-five different metal finger rings and stone stamp seals. Typically, texts and seal impressions are treated exclusively of eachother. This volume treats for the first time sealed cuneiform tablets as integrated wholes. It comprises two interconnected parts consisting of critical editions of the texts and a catalogue raisonne of the seal impressions. A hand copy, transliteration, translation, philological notes, and a commentary treating the occurrences, activities and seals of each person named in the light of some four hundred fifty other contemporary documents accompany each text. Included with the seal impressions are measurements, descriptions, interpretive drawings, photographs, and comparanda, as well as data identifying each seal's owner, each occasion of its use and references to other seals used by each sealer, where known. In the index of Personal Names, text citations and, where possible, seal catalogue numbers are provided for each entry.

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