Philitas of Cos


This volume is an edition of the poetical and grammatical fragments of Philitas of Cos, the early-Hellenistic scholar and poet who served as an exemplary model for the great Alexandrian poets. His output includes frivolous Hermes and Demeter which both had fundamental impact on later metapoetic imagery, and the Ataktoi Glossai, a glossary interpreting mainly Homeric idiom in pre-Aristarchean fashion.
The body of the book consists of an Introduction discussing life, literary affiliations and metre; an edition of testimonies and fragments along with a commentary elucidating matters of language and influence on the scholar-poets, Propertius and Longus. The study of Philitas is brought up to date with new testimonies and new neglected sources for the fragments. Recent papyrological findings, verse inscriptions, lexicographic sources and inscriptions from Cos are taken into consideration. Passages dubiously ascribed to Philitas are discussed. The book closes with three Appendices and comprehensive Indexes.
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Biographical Note

Konstantinos Spanoudakis is Visiting Professor at the University of Crete. He has mainly published on Philitas, Callimachus and on fragmentary Hellenistic poetry.


All those interested in Greek Literature, in Hellenistic poetry, in Latin elegy, in regional history, in the cult of Demeter and in the origins of metapoetic imagery in Hellenistic and Roman neoteric poets.


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