Friedrich Max Müller

A Life Devoted to the Humanities


Friedrich Max Müller was one of the great scholars of the nineteenth century. His studies on the history and nature of religion were of great interest to both scholarly and more popular circles, and he was for a long time an influential figure in the cultural life of Victorian Britain. Therefore, a new study of his life and especially of his works needs no apology.
The book gives a survey of Müller’s life and his main ideas on language, mythology, religion, Christianity and the missions, as well as his philosophy of religion. The last chapter deals with the legacy of Müller’s ideas in the twentieth century.
The book is particularly useful for historians of religion interested in the origin of the science of religion and for historians specialized in the history of ideas.

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Lourens P. van den Bosch, studied Theology and Science of Religion (University of Groningen) and Indology (University of Groningen/Utrecht). He is a Senior Lecturer of History of Religions at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands. He has written various articles on Vedic subjects, on the practice of widow burning and on Friedrich Max Müller.
' Bosch has given us a well-focused, excellently researched, critically balanced and contemporarily relevant study of an academic giant.'
Peggy Morgan, Mansfield College, Oxford
' It is not the first full-length monograph devoted to Müller, but it is the best researched and certainly the most detailed one.'
Marco Frenschkowski, University of Duisburg, Germany, Journal of Religion, 2003.
Academic libraries, institutes, researchers and students interesting in religious history and the science of religion.