Ritual, State and History in South Asia

Essays in Honour of J.C. Heesterman


Author: D.H.A. Kolff
Editors: van der Hoek and M.S. Oort
The contributions to this liber amicorum extend over the whole range of Indian civilisation. The contents are arranged into two sections. In the first part those articles are brought together which bear upon the earlier stages of Indian history or upon the reconstruction of a certain epoch. The contents of this section, which, in historical terms, span the period from the Indus civilisation up to medieval times, include several fine pieces of textual analysis. The second section contains contributions on the more recent history of South Asia alongside articles that examine ancient features which have persisted till the present day.
Part 1: 'Ritual and State from the Earliest History': H.T. Bakker, H.W.A. Blezer, H.W. Bodewitz, R.N. Dandekar, W. Doniger, E.C.L. During Caspers, T.Y. Elizarenkova, H. Falk, S. Gupta, F.B.J. Kuiper, H. Kulke, A. Lubotsky, M. Nihom, G. Oberhammer, M.S. Oort, A. Parpola, H. Scharfe, H.-P. Schmidt, D.D. Shulman, H.J. Tieken, P.C. Verhagen, and A. Wezler.
Part 2: 'Ritual and History up to the Present': S. Bayly, J. Brouwer, H.M. de Bruin, J.G. de Casparis, S.N. Eisenstadt and H. Hartmann, A. Hiltebeitel, A.W. van den Hoek, R.B. Inden, D.H.A. Kolff, D. Kooiman, A.G. Menon and G.H. Schokker, R. Rocher, J.F. Staal, G. Toffin, K.W. van der Veen, P.T. van der Veer, R.J. Zwi Werblowsky, A. Wink, and M. Witzel.
J.C. Heesterman was Professor in the Languages and Cultural History of South Asia for more than a quarter of a century at Leiden University, until he became emeritus Professor in 1990.
Academic libraries and institutions, students and Scholars of the history of South Asia (esp. India), social anthropology, Sanskrit, and ritual and religion in South Asia.