The Apostolic Age in Patristic Thought


This volume deals with how Christians of the first centuries looked back on the period of the nascent Church. Thanks to the incomparable stature of its founder, Jesus Christ, who had descended from heaven and commissioned his Apostles, this period was authorative for all Christians in matters of doctrine, institutions, rites and morality, a new phenomenon in the Graeco-Roman world. Its implications are explored in sixteen essays dealing with various subjects such as liturgy, the canon of Scriptures, the role of miracles, art, monasticism, and ministry. All contributions, taking into account both the views of individual Church fathers and Gnostic and Manichaean texts, make a large amount of primary material available.

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A. Hilhorst, Ph.D. (1976) in Classics, University of Nijmegen, was Lecturer in New Testament at Groningen University until 2003. He is the secretary of the Journal for the Study of Judaism, and has published on early Jewish and Christian literature, including Apocalypse of Paul (Geneva 1997).
Origin and Early History of the Apostolic Office, Theodore Korteweg
The Eucharist as a Love-meal (agape) in Didache 9-10, and Its Development in the Pauline and in the Syrian Tradition, Joseph Ysebaert
Romantic Fantasies: Early Christians Looking Back on the Apostolic Period, Ton Hilhorst
The Notion ἀπoστολικός: A Terminological Survey, Peter Van Deun
Miracles Recalling the Apostolic Age, Jan den Boeft
Liturgy on the Authority of the Apostles, Gerard Rouwhorst
La tradition apostolique et le canon du Nouveau Testament, Riemer Roukema
Witnesses and Mediators of Christ’s Gnostic Teachings, Gerard P. Luttikhuizen
Die Apostolizität der kirchlichen Verkündigung bei Irenäus von Lyon, H. S. Benjamins
Origen’s View of Apostolic Tradition, Fred Ledegang
The Paraclete Mani as the Apostle of Jesus and the Origins of a New Christian Church, Johannes van Oort
The Apostolic World of Thought in Early Christian Iconography, Arnold Provoost
The Era of the Apostles According to Eusebius’ History of the Church, Adelbert Davids
Monks: The Ascetic Movement as a Return to the Aetas Apostolica, G. J. M. Bartelink
Primum enim omnes docebant: Awareness of Discontinuity in the Early Church: The Case of Ecclesiastical Office, B. Dehandschutter
Urbs beata Jerusalem: Saint Augustin sur Jérusalem, Antoon A. R. Bastiaensen
All those interested in New Testament, Patristic Literature and Early Church History, including students of liturgy, monasticism, art, Gnosticism, and Manichaeism