Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 13


Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion (RSSSR) publishes reports of innovative studies that pertain empirically or theoretically to the scientific study of religion, including spirituality, regardless of their academic discipline or professional orientation. It is academically eclectic, not restricted to any one particular theoretical orientation or research method. Most of our articles report the findings of quantitative or qualitative investigations, but some deal with methodology, theory, or applications of social science studies in the field of religion.

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Ralph L. Piedmont is Psychologist at the Department of Pastoral Counseling, Loyola College, Columbia USA. One of his publications is The Revised NEO Personality Inventory: Clinical and Research Applications (Plenum Press, 1998). David O. Moberg is Sociology Professor Emeritus at Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA. He has been the co-editor of RSSR since its start in 1986.
From the contents of Volume 13 (November 2002): EZRA KOPELOWITZ Ethno-Religious vs. Religious Ritual: A look at a learning ritual that brings together American and Israeli, Orthodox and Non-Orthodox Jews. BRIAN J. ZINNBAUER AND KENNETH L. PARGAMENT Capturing the meanings of religiousness and spirituality: One way down from a definitional tower of babel. JOSEPH W. CIARROCCHI, RALPH L. PIEDMONT, AND JOSEPH E. G. WILLIAMS Image of God and personality as predictors of spirituality in men and women. LESLIE J. FRANCIS AND YAACOV J. KATZ Religiosity and happiness: A study among Israeli female undergraduates. PETER C. HILL Spiritual transformation: Forming the habitual center of personal energy. RALPH L. PIEDMONT, JOSEPH W. CIARROCCHI AND JOSEPH E. G. WILLIAMS A components analysis of one's image of God LESLIE J. FRANCIS AND V. JOHN PAYNE The Payne Index of Ministry (PIMS): Ministry styles and psychological type among male Anglican clergy in Wales. WILLIAM A. RICHARDS Entheogens in the study of mystical and archetypal experiences. SPECIAL SECTION: Survey on Religious and Moral Pluralism KAREL DOBBELAERE AND OLE RIIS Religious and moral pluralism: Theories, Research Questions, and Design. LOEK HALMAN AND THORLEIF PETTERSSON moral pluralism in contemporary Europe: Evidence from the Project Religious and Moral Pluralism. TADEUSZ DOKTOR Religious fundamentalism. KAREL DOBBELAERE, LUIGI TOMASI AND LILLIANE VOYE Religious syncretism.
Researchers, scholars, teachers, religious leaders, and graduate and professional students in the social and behavioral sciences, religion, and theology who include attention to the scientific investigation of religion and spirituality.