The Quality of Heroic Living, of High Endeavour and Adventure

Anglican Mission, Women and Education in Palestine, 1888-1948


This work focuses on Anglican mission and women's education in Palestine in the period from 1888 till 1948. As part of the "enlightenment movement" the project was initiated by British women educational pioneers, who influenced women to carry out the creed of academic training for girls also in colonial areas. While the educational profile of the pre-World War One schools mainly focused on modernisation of the domestic role, during the British Mandate the highly educated Anglican women teachers had two aims for their work: To create a peaceful multi-cultural environment in a society characterised by religious and ethnic strife and secondly to introduce a modern feminine ideal to Christian, Muslim and Jewish middle-and upper class girls. This study contributes to our knowledge of the Anglican missionary project, the role of women misionaries/educators and the history of Palestine.
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Biographical Note

Inger Marie Okkenhaug, Ph.D. (1999), University of Bergen, is post-doctorate researcher at the Department of History, University of Bergen.

Review Quote

' Overall, the work is very well done, and to be especially commended for its attention to both the larger sweep of historical events as well as the individual lives of particular women: this is a wonderful essay integrating women’s history into broader missionary, national, and international history…For all those interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Christian responses to it, in modern Christian missions to the Holy Land, in women’s history, mission history, and British colonial history, this book is an insightful study and a good read.' Arun W. Jones, Missiology, 2005. ' Okkenhaug's book is a fascinating look at the lifestyle, goals, accomplishments and failures of a select, influential mission.' Nancy Stockdale, International Bulletin of Missionary Research.