Turkey's Alevi Enigma

A Comprehensive Overview


This volume discusses how the multifaceted reality of Turkey's Alevis impinges on society and politics in contemporary Turkey. The book provides readers with a vigorous discussion of the origins and history of the Alevis, examines their ethnic identity and cultural representation, as well as appraising their political life and the effect that this had on Turkey's polity, the Turkish Left and the Kurdish National Movement, and upon the emergence of civil society. It analyses Alevi cultural manifestations and even looks at how Alevi diaspora communities in Europe effect Turkey in various ways. The book therefore provides readers with a convenient handbook of an important group that is largely unknown in the West - Turkey's Alevis.

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Biographical Note

Paul J. White, Ph.D. (2000) in Middle East Politics, Macquarie University, Sydney, is currently Acting Director of the Centre for the Middle East and North Africa at Macquarie University, where he also lectures in International Relations of the Middle East. He has published extensively on Middle Eastern questions, especially on the Kurds and the Alevis of Turkey, including Primitive rebels or revolutionary modernizers? The Kurdish national movement in Turkey (Zed Books, 2000). Joost Jongerden, Ph.D. (2006) in Social Sciences, Wageningen University, is Assistant Professor at a center for technology-studies associated to the Wageningen University and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He has published extensively on the Kurdish issue in Turkey and on society and technology issues.


All interested in the modern history, politics and society of Turkey, and the development of religious, political, social, and ethnic identities - whether professionals or interested general readers.

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