Insect Pests of Bamboos in Asia

An Illustrated Manual


AutorInnen: Hongzhen Wang, Varma, und Xu
Bamboo is an integral part of the civilization and tradition in almost all countries where it is grown. In Asia, the major bamboo-growing area of the world, the bamboo industry is closely linked to people’s daily lives and plays an important role in national economies.
However, as bamboos are grown more and more intensively in plantations, the need for a better understanding of and an increased vigilance against bamboo insect pests becomes both essential and urgent. This book represents an important step toward publicizing the threat posed by these pests, and provides a comprehensive and consolidated account of existing knowledge.

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Foreword The Impact of Bamboo Pests on the Economy Introduction DEFOLIATORS Locusts; Leaf Rollers; Puss Moths; Tussock Moths; Leaf Skeletonizer Moths; Slug Moths; Noctuid Moths; Tent Caterpillar Moths; Leaf Miners; Satyr Butterflies; Common Skippers; Leaf Beetles; Sawfly SAP SUCKERS Stink Bugs; Lygaeid Bugs; Mirid Bugs; Coreid Bugs; Froghoppers; Planthoppers and Leafhoppers; Aphids; Pseudococcid Scale Insects; Pit Scale Insects; Armoured Scale Insects; White Flies; Leaf Mites; Thrips SHOOT AND CULM BORERS Bamboo Shoot Weevils; Shoot-boring Noctuids; Shoot Flies; Culm-boring Moths; Shoot/Culm-boring Beetles GALL MAKERS Gall-making Midge; Gall-making Chalcids; Other Gall-making Chalcids RHIZOME AND ROOT FEEDERS Root Fly; Root Beetles; Bamboo Cicadas; Termites; White Grubs; Long-horned Beetles SEED PESTS Seed Bugs; Grain Moths NURSERY PESTS POST-HARVEST PESTS Shot-hole Borers; Powder-post Beetles; Long-horned Beetles; Termites INTEGRATED INSECT PEST MANAGEMENT Silvicultural Control; Direct Control; Biological Control; Chemical Control; Management of Post-harvest Pests ENTOMOLOGICAL RESEARCH ON BAMBOO IN ASIA Research Activities and Achievements; Major Existing Problems; Recommendations for Future Research Acknowledgements References Glossary Appendix (Check List of Pests and Hosts) Indices (Index of Pests; Index of Hosts) Published by INBAR and distributed world-wide by VSP.