The Imperial Cult in the Latin West, Volume III, Provincial Cult. Part 4. Bibliography, Indices, Addenda


This volume concludes the series with an apparatus. The list of Abbreviated Titles comprises all Abbreviations used throughout the four Parts while the Bibliography consolidates the books and articles cited in the four sets of References. The intention of the various Indices is to let the reader find his way about the text in one way or another whereas the main focus of the Addenda is on publications that were either earlier missed or, as in most cases, appeared too late to be included at the appropriate stage of the text. Lastly, the list of errata in the Corrigenda consists mostly of typographical errors that escaped notice in the original manuscript.
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Biographical Note

Duncan Fishwick, D.Litt. (1971), Leiden, is Emeritus Distinguished University Professor of Classics at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. He has published extensively in the ruler cult, including The Imperial Cult in the Latin West. Vols. 1,1-2; 2,1-2 (Brill, 1987-92).

Review Quotes

' Fishwick's oeuvre is of such a consistently high quality that it is destined to join the ranks of the standard works on Roman social history. Its traditional approach and format are consistent with its function as an important reference. It will be an invaluable mine of ideas and information for future scholars. This volume, together with the whole series, is a very useful resource on the imperial cult that should be accessible to students of Roman history, especially graduate students.'
Nayla Kabazi Muntasser, BMCR, 2006


All interested in Classical Antiquity, particularly Greek, Hellenistic and Roman History, but also in Roman Religion, Christian Theology and the History of Religions in general.


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