Between Myth and History: King, Priest and God


This volume deals with the figure of Attis. The work aims to reconsider the mythical and cultic information about this character, trying to provide proof of the processes of "construction" and "reconstruction" that have contributed to the moulding of the different forms of Attis that developed as a result of various demands within different religious traditions. After an introduction about the history of the studies, the first part examines the oldest evidence on Attis, resorting to comparison with religious traditions earlier than or contemporary with Phrygian culture. The second part tackles the classical world and collects the elements of continuity and of innovation in respect of Asianic religious traditions. The third part analyses the problem of the processes of reinterpretation of the traditional cults that both the "pagan" philosophers and the fathers of the Church effected. The link between Attis and Death is discussed in the fourth part.

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Maria Grazia Lancellotti, Ph.D. (2000) in History of Religions (University of Roma "La Sapienza") was awarded with the R. Pettazzoni Scholarship. She has published extensively on religions in Late Antiquity including The Naassenes. A Gnostic Identity among Judaism, Christianity, Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Traditions (Münster, 2000).
' …worth reading for anyone with an interest in the myth and cult of Cybele and Attis.'
Lynn E. Roller, BMCR, 2003.
All those interested in the history of religions (Classical and Ancient Near Eastern), history of ancient Mediterranean cultures, as well as classical philologists and historians of Christianity and Late Antiquity.