Identity, Culture and Globalization

This book is about contemporary sociological analysis: its discussions, contradictions and controversies. Authors from various backgrounds discuss developments on all continents.
The 34 contributions are centered on six themes. The first is multiple modernities, showing us that there is no single road to the modernization of societies. The second theme is globalization, with new concepts like spatialization, world languages and new social movements. In part three, multiculturalism and diaspora movements are viewed as the pivotal factors for change in many societies. The fourth theme is the decline of the accountability of the state, concentrating on the shortcomings of traditional states and the emergence of new resources. In part five, the concept of postmodernity is discussed from the angles of identity, social reality, detachment and legacy.
Finally, the sixth part, ‘Toward a New Agenda’ looks into the future and lets sociology (or rather social knowledge) play a major part in today’s society.
This volume is a rich collection of practical examples and solid arguments by some of the best sociologists in the world.

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Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Ph.D. (1974) in Sociology, University of Jerusalem, is Weinberg Professor of Sociology at Tel-Aviv University. He has published on ethnicity and language in Israel, and Jewish identities, including Language, Identity and Social Division (Clarendon, 1994) and Ethnicity, Religion and Class in Israel (with S. Sharot, Cambridge University Press, 1991)
All those interested in studies in the following areas: sociological theory, comparative sociology, political sociology, postmodernity, cultural studies, sociology of modernity and modernization, globalization, multiculturalism, transnational diasporas, sociolinguistics and sociology of language.