Pope Innocent III (1160/61 - 1216)

To Root Up and to Plant


Author: John C. Moore
This book is a biography of Pope Innocent III. Avoiding the many scholarly controversies concerning the pope, it offers a concise and balanced portrait of the man and his pontificate. Its chronological organization-unusual in biographies of Innocent-enables the reader to see how the pope was usually dealing with many different subjects at the same time, and that the events in one aspect of his life could influence his views of other topics. This structure, together with the thorough documentation, can provide new insights even for scholars well-versed in his pontificate. Written in clear, jargon-free English, the book also gives the students and general reader a good sense of this pope and of the medieval papacy.

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John C. Moore, Ph.D. (1960) in History, Johns Hopkins University, is Emeritus Professor of History at Hofstra University. As author and editor, he has published extensively on Innocent III and on the subject of love in the middle ages.
1: Lotario dei Conti of Segni
2: The Beginning
3: The Great Princes (1198 to 1200)
4: Curia and City (1200-1203)
5: The Fourth Crusade (1203-1204)
6: Jews and Heretics (1205-1207)
7: Defense of the Church (1207-1212)
8: Renewal (1212-1214)
9: Council and Crusade (1215)
10: The End (1215-1216)
This book is appropriate for students, general readers, and scholars: for anyone interested in this pope, in the medieval papacy, in the European middle ages, and in the history of Christianity.