Dynastic Lycia

A Political History of the Lycians and their Relations with foreign Powers, c. 545-362 B.C.


Author: Antony. G. Keen
This volume deals with the history of Lycia in the Achaemenid period, the time of its most famous monuments, discussing all the evidence that can be used in the reconstruction. It is the first book-length treatment in English of Lycia that focuses on historical matters.
The first four synchronic chapters deal with general aspects of the Lycian political set-up. The remaining nine chapters take the reader through a detailed examination of the history of the period.
Because of the Lycians strategically important location between the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean, this work is important for understanding the wider interaction of the Achaemenid Persian empire and the Greek world.

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Antony G. Keen, Ph.D. (1992) in History, University of Manchester, is Foreign Expert in Classics at the Northeast Normal University, Cangchun, People's Republic of China. He has published extensively on Lycia and other aspects of Greek history.
'Dynastic Lycia is so rich…
This book represents a major contribution to Lycian studies…
H. Craig Melchert, Journal of Near Eastern Studies, 2002.
All those archaeologists and ancient historians interested in Lycia in particular and in Graeco-Persian relations, as well as those more generally interested in Greek history.