Chrysippus’ On Affections

Reconstruction and Interpretation


The 'On Affections' by the Stoic philosopher Chrysippus (c. 280-205 BCE) contains the classic exposition of the Stoic theory of the emotions. This book provides a fresh discussion of the extant evidence, i.e. the fragments and testimonies preserved by later sources. It aims to establish the exact amount of available evidence and to arrange the fragmentary material so as to see how far the original treatise can be reconstructed. The fragments are interpreted both in their literary context and in the light of Stoic doctrines known from other sources. Given its contextual approach, this study includes extensive discussion of the methods of sources such as Galen, Posidonius and Cicero. In addition, the medical backdrop to Chrysippus’ theory receives considerable attention.
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Biographical Note

Teun L. Tieleman, Ph.D. (1992) is Associate Professor of Ancient Philosophy at Utrecht University. He has published several studies on Galen and on Stoicism including Galen and Chrysippus on the Soul. Argument and Refutation in the ”De placitis” Books II-III (1996).

Review Quotes

' T.’s study thus fills a specific and important place within the literature on the Stoic theory of the emotions.'
Katja Vogt, Archiv für Geschichte des Philosophie, 2005.
' …les arguments solides et bien établis. À l’évidence, le livre de Tieleman change notre perception de la doctrine stoïcienne des passions et constitue un progrès considérable dans notre connaissance de l’un des ouvrages majeurs et les plus influents de Chrysippe.'
Jean-Baptiste Gourinat, Comptes Rendus, 2004.


Historians of ancient philosophy and classicists, in particular those interested in Stoicism, Galen, theories of emotion, the relations between ancient philosophy and medicine, and doxography.

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