Muslims in the Enlarged Europe

Religion and Society


This volume describes the main characteristics of contemporary European Islam. Following an outline of the historical background and some statistics related to the presence of Islam in Europe, the process of growth/ the development of Islam is analysed through religious instruction in educational systems, organisational structures and the forms of political participation by Muslims. In addition to a description of the relationship between European states and Islam in judicial terms, the different types of the inclusion/integration of Islam in European society is studied by looking at the media, the relations between religions, economic and international dimensions, and the manner in which views have changed following the events of September 11. Based on extensive bibliographal research, field studies and specific contributions of scholars, this book provides a rare and useful overall review for a wide public.

Muslims in the Enlarged Europe has been selected by Choice as Outstanding Academic Title (2005).

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Brigitte Maréchal is graduated in Political Science and Islamology (Louvain, IFEAD-Damas). She is Research assistant at the University of Louvain, preparing a thesis on the Muslim Brothers in Europe, she coordinated A guidebook on Islam and Muslims in the wide Contemporary Europe (Academia, 2002)
Stefano Allievi, Ph.D. in Sociology, is Professor of Sociology at the University of Padova. He published La sfida dell'immigrazione (EMI, 1991), Les convertis à l'islam (L'Harmattan, 1998), Muslim Networks and Transnational Communities in and across Europe (Brill, 2003, with J. Nielsen).
Felice Dassetto, Ph.D. in Sociology and Socio-Anthropology of Islam (Catholic University of Louvain). Among others, he wrote La construction de l'islam européen (L'Harmattan, 1996), Islamic Words. Individuals, Societies and Discourse in Contemporary European Islam (Maisonneuve-Larose, 2000).
Jørgen Nielsen, Ph.D., is Professor of Islamic studies at the University of Birmingham, Director of Graduate Institute for Theology and Religion. Among others, he has published Muslims in Western Europe (Edinburgh University Press, 1995), Towards a European Islam (MacMillan, 1999).
"The book can be said to be something of a "must read" for everyone interested in European Islam, and in relationships between Muslim communities and their European societies, not the least due to its extensive bibliography and indexes." – Ake Sander, in: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2005
All those interested in European Islam and integration of Muslim communities in Europe as well as in the various responses from European societies to cultural changes and especially religious pluralism.