An Unofficial Alliance, Scotland and Sweden 1569-1654


This work reveals the hitherto unrepresented relationship that developed between Scotland and Sweden during the second half of the sixteenth and first half of the seventeenth centuries. Sweden's emergence as an independent Nordic, and indeed European, power required continual military and economic growth, which in turn necessitated a constant supply of manpower. The initially piecemeal migration of private individuals from Scotland bringing both martial and mercantile skills to Sweden gradually grew into an informal alliance, albeit officially sanctioned by the Swedes, based on personal networks. Equally the impact of Sweden's support for the Scottish Covenanting movement on British state-formation is scrutinized. This fresh perspective on Scottish-Swedish connections is aimed at those interested in state-formation, migration studies, diplomatic developments, and military history.


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Biographical Note

Alexia Grosjean, Ph.D. (1998) in History, University of Aberdeen, is a Research Fellow at the Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies at Aberdeen. She co-authored the Scotland Scandinavia and Northern Europe database and has published several articles on seventeenth century Scottish-Swedish relations.

Review Quotes

' ...a magisterial piece transforming the previous analysis of Scots in military service to Sweden in the 1563-1654 period...[The author] adds depth and breadth to an old subject, effectively revolutionizing the historiography of early modern Scottish military history. Edward M. Furgol, The Journal of Military History, 2004.

Table of contents

Acknowledgements Abbreviations Conventions List of Figures List of Illustrations and Maps Illustrations and Maps Introduction Pt. 1 Scotland and Sweden Ch. 1 Scotland and the rise of Sweden, 1521-1613 Ch. 2 Gustav II Adolf and the Scots, 1613-1629 Ch. 3 The Scots in Swedish service, from Stralsund to Westphalia Ch. 4 Scots in the Swedish navy, 1534-1654 Ch. 5 The influx and influence of Scotsmen in the Swedish nobility and civic society Pt. 2 Sweden and Scotland Ch. 6 The unofficial alliance reciprocated: Sweden and the Bishops' Wars, 1638-1640 Ch. 7 Sweden and the war for the Three Kingdoms, 1641-1648 Ch. 8 Queen Kristina and Charles II, 1649-1651 Conclusion: England and the demise of the Scottish-Swedish alliance, 1651-1654 Bibliography Index


All those interested in Scottish, British and Swedish history in general, and in state-formation, migration history, international and diplomatic relations, military history, and the Thirty Years' War in particular.

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