Astrology and Numerology in Medieval and Early Modern Catalonia

The Tractat de prenostication de la vida natural dels hòmens

The Tractat de prenostication de la vida natural dels hòmens, a late fifteenth-century Catalan incunable, draws on a rich tradition of astrological magic, geomancy, Pythagorean numerology, and Hebrew gematria. This practical manual offers a method of determining the birth sign based on calculations performed on the subject’s name and his or her mother’s name. The critical edition includes a literary, historical, and linguistic study; an English translation; and a Catalan-English glossary. The Tractat reveals Catalan sources for prognostication, a unique expression of medieval syncretism, the mingling of traditions, and the development of new ideas. It is a rare find for Hispanists and others interested in astrology, magic, the history of science, and early print culture.

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John Scott Lucas, Ph.D. (2000) in Spanish, Penn State University, is Associate Professor and Program Director of the Institute for Social and International Studies (ISIS) at Portland State University. He currently directs international programs in Barcelona, Spain. His research encompasses medieval Spanish and Catalan literature, historical linguistics, and early print culture.
List of Figures List of Tables Foreword by David J. Viera Preface Acknowledgments Abbreviations I. Prognostication at the Dawn of the Renaissance A. Changing World Views B. The Catalan Context C. Catalan Material in Relationship to Other European Traditions II. Genres of Prognostic Material in the Catalan Language A. Astrology and Astrological Magic B. Geomancy C. Numerology and Astro-numerology D. Gematria III. The Present Edition A. Known Editions of the Tractat B. Physical Description of “B” C. Contents, Divisions and Sources D. Linguistic Features and Orthography E. Provenance F. The Tractat in the Catalan Printing Tradition G. The Present Edition IV. Tracat de la vida natural dels homens segons los signes, planetas celestials, e proprietats lurs demonstren with Apparatus criticus V. English translation Appendix A. Paleographic Transcription Appendix B. Facsimile Reproduction. Glossary Catalan – English References Index.
Hispanists, Catalan scholars, medievalists, and others interested in the history of science, astrology, numerology, magic, and early print culture.