A State of Ambivalence

The Feminist Movement in Singapore


This book examines the contemporary feminist movement in Singapore through an in-depth case study of the locally-based Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE). It examines the meanings attached to feminist activism by AWARE members, including the use of the label 'feminist' as a self-identifier by both individuals as well as the organisation as a whole. By exploring the range of activities that AWARE has been involved in since the mid-1980s, the text describes in detail the fraught relationship between feminism and the state in Singapore. The author uses the framework of transnational feminism to explore the ways in which gender, race/ethnicity, and class intersect in the construction of historically and culturally specific feminisms. The book will be of interest to scholars from a range of disciplines, including those working on gender studies, feminist history, and Southeast Asian studies.


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Biographical Note

Lenore Lyons, Ph.D. (1999) in Humanities, Griffith University, is Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow in the Key Centre for Asia-Pacific Social Transformation Studies at the University of Wollongong, Australia. She has published on feminism, gender and the state in Singapore, and cross-cultural feminist methodology.

Table of contents

Introduction Chapter One: The Women’s Movement in Singapore Chapter Two: AWARE’s Goals and Objectives Chapter Three: Being a Feminist Means Chapter Four: Working with Other Women Chapter Five: Men in AWARE Chapter Six: Cartographies of Sameness and Difference Chapter Seven: Engaging the State References Index to State of Ambivalence


Scholars and students interested in feminist theory, gender studies, and Southeast Asian Studies, including sociologists, historians, and political scientists.