Comparative Semitic Philology in the Middle Ages

From Saʿadiah Gaon to Ibn Barūn (10th-12th C.)


This volume deals with medieval comparative Semitic philology (Hebrew/Aramaic/Arabic) as practised by Hebrew philologists in the Arabic speaking lands, from Iraq to Spain, discussing its development through the generations, its technics and its theoretical basis. This research is based upon an analysis of over ten thousand occurrences of comparisons in linguistic works, biblical commentaries and the like, made by fourteen Hebrew scholars from the 10th-12th centuries CE, among them Saʿadiah Gaon, Judah b. Quraysh, David b. Abraham Alfasi, Jonah b. Janah and Isaac b. Barūn. Several aspects of this comparisons are presented and studied here for the first time.
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Biographical Note

Aharon Maman, Ph.D. (1984) in Hebrew, Hebrew University, is Professor of Hebrew at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He has published on medieval Karaite Hebrew, medieval grammar and lexicography, Genizah materials, Judeo-Maghrebian language and traditional readings.


All those interested in intellectual history, comparative philology, the history of linguistics, medieval Hebrew grammar and lexicography, medieval biblical commentary, and inter-cultural (Judeo-Arab) symbiotic life.

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