The British and French Mandates in Comparative Perspectives/Les mandats français et anglais dans une perspective comparative


This collection represents the first large scale attempt to discuss the Middle Eastern mandates as a totality. It compares the application and effects of this very specific form of late colonialism from a variety of different disciplinary perspectives, including anthropology, architecture, archival conservation, economics, history, law and sociology. It contains analyses at both micro and macro levels, including specific instances of revolt or collaboration, studies of particular individuals, of professional groups and their contributions to “nation-building,” comparisons between the various political and cultural policies of the mandatory powers, and the formation and practice of "le savoir colonial" by contemporary ethnographers, officials, physicians and teachers. The volume will be of interest to historians of imperialism and of the twentieth century Middle East.


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Biographical Note

Peter Sluglett is Professor of Middle Eastern History at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. His doctoral thesis was on the British mandate in Iraq, and he is now working on the social history of Aleppo between the late nineteenth century and the end of the French mandate. Nadine Méouchy, Ph.D. in History (1989) University Paris-Sorbonne, has for several years worked at the French Research Institutes in Damascus, Amman and Beirut. Her publications deal with different aspects of the French Mandate in Syria and Lebanon.

Review Quotes

' Trotzdem bleibt der Band, auch dank seiner ausführlichen Bibliographie ein Ausgangspunkt für alle an dieser Periode interessierten Forscher…Umso mehr sollten ihn aber Bibliotheken anschaffen, um so allen Interessierten Zugang zu diesem wichtigen Werk zu schaffen.' Thomas Philipp, Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes, 2004.


The book is primarily directed towards those interested in the history of British and French colonialism and in the history of the twentieth century Middle East.