Sinan's Autobiographies

Five Sixteenth-Century Texts

Authors: Howard Crane and Esra Akin
The sixteenth-century Ottoman architect Sinan is today universally recognized as the defining figure in the development of the classical Ottoman style. In addition to his vast oeuvre, he left five remarkable autobiographical accounts, the Adsız Risale, the Risāletü'l-Miʿmāriyye, Tuḥfetü'l-Miʿmārīn, Teẕkiretü'l-Ebniye and Teẕkiretü’l-Bünyān, that provide details of his life and works. Based on information dictated by Sinan to his poet-painter friend Mustafa Saʿi Çelebi shortly before his death, these accounts exist in multiple manuscript versions in libraries in Istanbul, Ankara, and Cairo.
The present volume contains critical editions of all five texts along with transcriptions, annotated translations, and facsimiles of the most important variant versions; and an introductory essay that analyzes the various surviving manuscripts, reconstructs their histories, and establishes the relationships between them; and a preface that considers the sources, themes, and broader implications of the five autobiographies.

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Howard Crane is Professor of Near Eastern Art and Archaeology in the Department of History of Art at the Ohio State University. Esra Akın holds a doctorate (2007) in History of Art from Ohio State University. She is the author of Mustafa Âli's Epic Deeds of Artists. A Critical Edition of the Earliest Ottoman Text about the Calligraphers and Painters of the Islamic World (Brill, 2011). Gülru Necipoğlu is the Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture in the Department of History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University.
Preface: “Sources, Themes, and Cultural Implications of Sinan’s Autobiographies” by Gülru Necipoğlu Authors’ Notes and Acknowledgments Note on Transcription Abbreviations Introduction . Synopsis of Relationships between Texts and Manuscripts Works Cited Adsız Risale, (AR) [Untitled Treatise] Risāletü'l-Miʿmāriyye, (RM) [Treatise on Architecture] Tuḥfetü'l-Miʿmārīn, (TM) [Choice Gift of the Architects] Tezkiretü’l-Ebniye (TE) [Record of Buildings] Teẕkiretü’l-Bünyān (TB) [Record of Construction] Collations of Tezkiretü’l-Ebniye Collations of Teẕkiretü’l-Bünyān Note on the Format of Appendices Appendix I: Citation Index of Buildings Listed in Tezkiretü’l-Ebniye Appendix II: Sequence of Citations in Inventories Listed in Tezkiretü’l-Ebniye Appendix III: Comparison of Prose Introduction in AR, RM, TM, and TE Facsimiles Index
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