Nomadic Societies in the Middle East and North Africa

Entering the 21st Century


Editor: Dawn Chatty
A scholarly volume devoted to an understanding of contemporary nomadic and pastoral societies in the Middle East and North Africa. This volume recognizes the variable mobile quality of the ways of life of these societies which persist in accommodating the ‘nation-state’ of the 20th and 21st century but remain firmly transnational and highly adaptive. Composed of four sections around the theme of contestation it includes examinations of contested authority and power, space and social transformation, development and economic transformation, and cultures and engendered spaces.

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Dawn Chatty, Ph.D. (1975) in Social Anthropology, University of California at Los Angeles, is Reader in Anthropology and Forced Migration at the University of Oxford. She has published extensively on pastoral nomadism, forced settlement and sustainable development including Conservation and Mobile Indigenous Peoples: Displacement, Forced Settlement and Sustainable Development (Berghahn, 2002) edited with Marcus Colchester.
"This enormous work deserves a front-shelf seat in every libray and nomadic scholar's desk" (Sebastian Maisel in Middle East Journal Spring 2007)
Those interested in contemporary Middle East and North African studies in the social sciences – anthropology, sociology, geography, demography, economics, history, political science, oral poetry and linguistics, ecology and environmental subjects. Area studies, Middle Eastern Studies, as well as those interested in nomadic peoples. Interest to libraries, academic and institutes, specialists and students.