Diplomatics in the Eastern Mediterranean 1000-1500

Aspects of Cross-Cultural Communication


In the politically and militarily complex world of the medieval Eastern Mediterranean people and entities of different ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds came into close contact at many different levels, from everyday dealings in the marketplace to high diplomacy between competing states, thus providing scope for fertile cross-cultural interaction and permeation. This collective volume examines aspects of intercultural communication as reflected in Byzantine, Latin and Arabic documentary sources originating from or relating to the Eastern Mediterranean and ranging from the eleventh to the fifteenth centuries. Twenty essays examine a variety of archival sources for the Latin East, explore chancery traditions in the culturally diverse society of Frankish Cyprus, and trace modes of communication and exchange between Byzantium, Islam and the West.
Contributors are: Jean Richard, David Jacoby, Benjamin Z. Kedar, Michel Balard, Peter Schreiner, Michel Balivet, Catherine Otten-Froux, Svetlana V. Bliznyuk, Brenda Bolton, Karl Borchardt, Nicholas Coureas, William O. Duba, Charalambos Gasparis, Hubert Houben, Angel Nicolaou-Konnari, Johannes Pahlitzsch, and Kostis Smyrlis.

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Alexander Beihammer, Ph.D. (Vienna 1999), teaches Byzantine history at the University of Cyprus. He has published on Byzantine diplomatics and on political and cross-cultural relations between Byzantium and the Arab World. His last book is on Greek documents and letters from early Frankish Cyprus (Nicosia, 2007).
Maria G. Parani, D.Phil. (Oxford 2000), teaches Byzantine art and archaeology at the University of Cyprus. Her publications on artistic production and daily life in Byzantium include Reconstructing the Reality of Images: Byzantine Material Culture and Religious Iconography (11th-15th centuries) (Brill 2003).
Christopher D. Schabel, Ph.D. (Iowa 1994), teaches medieval history at the University of Cyprus. He recently published Theological Quodlibeta in the Middle Ages, two volumes (Brill 2006-2007), (with Russell Friedman) Francis of Marchia (Brill 2006), and (with Angel Nicolaou-Konnari) Cyprus (Brill 2005).
"...In short, this is a rich and varied collection, from which both undergraduates and advanced scholars will profit. It breaks important new ground in understanding the meeting of cultures and religions in the late-medieval Levant, and in particular on Cyprus, and shows us how much more is to be learned with the continued study and publication of surviving sources..."
The Medieval Review, March 2009, G.A. Loud
"...Dieser vorbildlich redigierte und äußerst anregende Band geht auf ein Kolloquium zurück, das das Department of History and Archeology der Universität Zypern im April 2006 veranstaltet hat... muss man den Herausgebern und den Verfassern der einzelnen Artikel danken für diesen vielseitigen und informativen Band, der ein wichtiger Beitrag zur mittelalterlichen Geschichte und Kulturgeschichte des östlichen Mittelmeerraums ist..."
Sehepunkte, May 2009, V. von Falkenhausen
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1. Eastern Mediterranean Diplomatics: The Present State of Research - Alexander D. Beihammer

Part I: Archival Sources for the Latin East
2. Multilingualism and Institutional Patterns of Communication in Latin Romania (Thirteenth–Fourteenth Centuries) - David Jacoby
3. Catastica Feudorum Crete: Land Ownership and Political Changes in Medieval Crete (13th–15th Centuries) - Charalambos Gasparis
4. The Status of the Patriarch of Constantinople after the Fourth Crusade - William O. Duba
5. Antelm the Nasty, First Latin Archbishop of Patras (1205–ca. 1241) - Chris Schabel
6. Intercultural Communication: The Teutonic Knights in Palestine, Armenia, and Cyprus - Hubert Houben
7. Documents from the Hospitaller Registers on Rhodes Concerning Cyprus, 1409–1459: Form and Contents - Karl Borchardt
8. A Matter of Great Confusion: King Richard I and Syria’s Vetus de Monte - Brenda Bolton

Part II: Chancery Traditions in Medieval Cyprus
9. Aspects du notariat public à Chypre sous les Lusignan - Jean Richard
10. The Structure and Content of the Notarial Deeds of Lamberto di Sambuceto and Giovanni da Rocha,
11. 1296–1310 - Nicholas Coureas
12. La Massaria génoise de Famagouste - Michel Balard
13. La registre de la curia du capitaine génois de Famagouste au milieu du XVe siècle: une source pour l’étude d’une société multiculturelle - Catherine Otten-Froux
14. Diplomatic Relations between Cyprus and Genoa in the Light of the Genoese Juridical Documents: ASG, Diversorum Communis Ianue, 1375–1480 - Svetlana V. Bliznyuk
15. Diplomatics and Historiography: The Use of Documents in the Chronicle of Leontios Makhairas - Angel Nicolaou-Konnari

Part III: Diplomatics and Diplomacy among Byzantium, Islam and the West
16. The First Ottoman Occupation of Macedonia (ca. 1383–ca. 1403): Some Remarks on Land Ownership, Property, Transactions and Justice - Kostis Smyrlis
17. Intercultural Exchange in the Field of Material Culture in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Evidence of Byzantine Legal Documents (11th to 15th Centuries) - Maria G. Parani
18. Documents on Intercultural Communication in Mamlūk - Jerusalem: The Georgians under Sultan an-Nāzirhasan in 759 (1358) - Johannes Pahlitzsch
19. Das vergessene Zypern? Das byzantinische Reich und Zypern unter den Lusignan - Peter Schreiner
20. Religion in Catholic-Muslim Correspondence and Treaties - Benjamin Z. Kedar
21. Élites byzantines, latines et musulmanes: Quelques exemples de diplomatie personnalisée (Xe–XVe siècles) - Michel Balivet

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All those interested in Byzantine, Medieval and Ottoman history and culture, diplomatics, diplomacy, Levantine society during the Crusades, the Military Orders, the Latin Church in the East, Venetian Crete, Frankish Cyprus.