Poetry for Patrons

Literary Communication in the Age of Domitian


A study of the phenomenon of literary patronage, both non-imperial and imperial, during the reign of the Roman emperor Domitian (81-96 A.D.). This work centres on the Epigrams of Martial and the Silvae of Statius.
The book deals not only with the relationships between poets and patrons, but also with the audiences and the functions of patron-oriented poetry. It includes discussions of such topics as "patronage" versus "friendship", the poetic "I", the role of poetry at symposia and festivals, dedication and publication, the influence of rhetoric on poetry, and the poetic representation of imperial power.
The book should prove of interest not only to specialists in Roman poetry, but also to ancient historians and to students of literary patronage in other cultures. All Latin and Greek is translated.
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Biographical Note

Ruurd R. Nauta, Ph.D. (1995) in Classics, University of Leiden, is Professor of Latin in the University of Groningen. He has published articles on various aspects of Greek and Roman Literary History. This is his first book.

Review Quotes

' Voice un livre important, érudit et original.
Yann Le Bohec, Comptes Rendus, 2004.
'' This is an important book, eminently readable and eminently scholarly.'
Brian W. Jones, Comptes Rendus, 2004.
' This volume represents an invaluable contribution not only to the scholarship of the Flavian period, but to the literature on ancient patronage as well.'
Bruce Gibson, Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2002.


All those interested in Roman poetry, in the social functions of literature, and in literary theory, especially classical philologists, ancient historians, and students of general and comparative literature.


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