Job 28 as Rhetoric

An Analysis of Job 28 in the Context of Job 22-31


This study seeks to argue that Job 28 is an integral part of the book as it stands, and that it is Job's speech. Job 28 serves a special rhetorical function within the book, and more specifically within chapters 22-31.
This work provides a significant interpretative key to Job 28 within the most perplexing section of the book (Job 22-31). Job 28 is in contradictory juxtaposition with other sayings of Job. However, this study argues that such contradictory juxtaposition is a feature of Job's speeches in chapters 22-31, and is part of the author's strategy to make a rhetorical impact upon the audience.
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Biographical Note

Alison Lo, Ph.D. (2002), University of Gloucestershire, is Visiting Scholar at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2003-2004).

Review Quotes

' This is a well-written book that seeks to support the position that Job 28 belongs to the original book, which, itself, is to be read as a wholistic unit.'
Leo Perdue, Review of Biblical Literature, 2005


All those interested in Biblical studies, especially Biblical wisdom literatures.

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