Michael Klein on the Targums

Collected Essays 1972-2002


During his life, Michael Klein played a key role in helping establish the foundation for the modern study of the Targums. He was known for his thorough studies of targumic translation techniques and for his editions of the Fragment Targums and the Cairo Geniza fragments of Palestinian Targums. This collection of his essays brings together some of his writings on translation technique and studies on the Cairo Geniza material on Targums Onqelos and Jonathan, as well as the Writings. Essays on the Palestinian Targums feature as well, with studies of Targum Neofiti and Geniza discoveries that occurred after his edition. It begins with a Foreward by Avigdor Shinan and Rimon Kasher and ends with a personal tribute by Stefan Reif.
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Biographical Note

Michael L. Klein, Ph.D. (1979), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, held the Effie Wise Ochs Chair in Biblical Literature at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Jerusalem. He published critical editions of several important versions of the Palestinian Targums.

Table of contents

1. The Aramaic Targumim: Translation and Interpretation
2. Converse Translation: A Targumic Technique
3. The Preposition קדם (“Before”): A Pseudo-Anti-Anthropomorphism in the
4. Palestinian Targum and Synagogue Mosaics
5. The Translation of Anthropomorphisms and Anthropopathisms in the Targumim
6. Associative and Complementary Translation in the Targumim

7. A Fragment-Targum of Onqelos from the Cairo Genizah
8. Serugin (Shorthand) of Onqelos from the Cairo Genizah
9. New Fragments of Palestinian Targum from the Cairo Genizah
השלמות לכתבי יד מגניזת קאהיר . 10 —Complementary Fragments from the Cairo
11. The Targumic Tosefta to Exodus 15:2
12. New Fragments of Targum to Esther from the Cairo Genizah
13. Introductory Poems (R’shuyot) to the Targum of the Haftarah in Praise of
Jonathan Ben Uzziel

14. Four Notes on the Triennial Lectionary Cycle
15. Not to be Translated in Public — לא מתרגם בציבורא
16. Text and Vorlage in Neofiti I
17. Deut 31:7: תביא or ?תבוא
18. The Notation of Parašot in MS Neofiti I
19. Notes on the Printed Edition of MS Neofiti I
20. Elias Levita and MS Neofiti I
21. The Messiah “That Leadeth Upon a Cloud,” in the Fragment-Targum to the
22. An Updated Bibliography of Manuscripts and Editions of Palestinian Targum to
the Pentateuch From the Cairo Genizah
Afterword, Stefan Reif
Bibliography of Michael L. Klein


The primariy readership will be scholars and students in Targum Studies, Rabbinics and Late Antique Judaism. Also those who work in the history of Biblical interpretation, Aramaic language, Medieval Jewish manuscripts, and Masoretic Studies.


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