Taken from the Lips: Gender and Eros in Mesoamerican Religions

Gender and Eros in Mesoamerican Religions


Author: Sylvia Marcos
This volume deals with the world of women in Mesoamerica, discussing particularly the religious and ritual aspects of gender. As its sources, it uses colonial documents of the contact period with European cultures, testimonies of the subjugated indigenous during the colonial period , as well as contemporary ethnographic studies The book starts with an analysis of healing rituals in contemporary Mexico , focusing on the "refunctionalization" of ancient beliefs and practices.From there it moves spiral-like between pre-hispanic and colonial pasts and diverse presents. The section on "orality" is a methodological proposal for the study of indigenous religious traditions.The book is illustrated with reproductions of ancient codices.

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Sylvia Marcos researches, teaches, and publishes on gender issues in ancient and contemporary Mesoamerica. She is the author of many books and scholarly articles on indigenous epistemologies, oral traditions, healing, sexuality and religion, including Religión y Genero, Vol III Enciclopedia Iberoamericana de Religiones, Trotta.
'Marcos ... rescues women's utterances from the biased documents written by conqueror priests-chroniclers who tried to efface women's roles within the new Colonial system, through suppression and repression, psychological, social and physical. With other scholars in various fields of inquiry, the author requests thus an additional care in handling 16th-century texts and today's ethnographic information. She asks, too, for new methodologies, and a specialized kind of hermeneutical approach to study oral traditions. This book is thus a must for anyone interested in knowing how women and men generated the system for cosmos and society to efficiently work in either ancient or modern Mexico.'

Maria-Elena Bernal-Garcia, professor of Mesoamerican Art, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, Mexico
Those interested in Religious studies, Mesoamerican history and ethnology, gender and women´s studies, healing, shamanisms,indigenous epistemologies, subjected knowledges, cultural studies, Latin American studies, body history,colonial and post colonial studies,eroticism and religion.