The Book of Psalms

Composition and Reception


Written by leading experts in the field as well as some younger scholars, The Book of Psalms: Composition and Reception offers a wide-ranging treatment of the main aspects of Psalms study. The almost 30 essays consist of two overall sections. The first section contains studies of a more general nature; commentary on or interpretation of specific Psalms; social setting; and the Psalter as book. The second section contains essays on the literary context of the Psalter (including Qumran texts); textual history and reception in Judaism and Christianity; and the theology of the Psalter. The volume ends with a cumulative bibliography and several useful indices.

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Biographical Note

Peter W. Flint, Ph.D. (Notre Dame, 1993) is Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity Western University. He has published widely on the Scrolls, the OT, and 2nd Temple Judaism – including The Dead Sea Psalms Scrolls & the Book of Psalms (Brill, 1997), The DSS Bible (Harper, 1999) – and edited the Psalms Scrolls from Cave 4 (Oxford, 2000).
Patrick D. Miller is Charles T. Haley Professor of Old Testament Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. He has worked especially on the books of Deuteronomy and Psalms and has written books on Israelite religion and biblical prayer.

Review Quotes

' … a substantial volume —not only in terms of is sheer size (almost 700 pages), but also in terms of the incredible breath and diversity of its content. [..] this volume is a truly valuable contribution to the study of the book of Psalms. As such, it is mandatory reading for psalm scholars and belongs in the holdings of all research libraries.'
Tyler F. Williams, Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, 2006.


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