International Maritime Boundaries

Volume IV


This is the ultimate guide to international maritime boundaries. Its unique practical features include
- systematic examination of all international maritime boundaries worldwide;
- comprehensive coverage, including the text of every modern boundary agreement;
- descriptions of judicially-established boundaries;
- maps and detailed analyses of those boundaries;
- expert papers examining the status of maritime boundary delimitations in each of the ten regions of the world;
- papers from a global perspective analyzing key issues in maritime boundary theory and practise; and
- a cumulative index for volumes I - IV.
These features make International Maritime Boundaries an unmatched comprehensive, accessible resource in the field.

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Co-publication withThe American Society of International Law. Volumes I-II: Winner of the ASIL Certificate of Merit 1994.
Praise for the first two volumes: `These two substantial volumes will be standard references for many years to come,[...] These volumes are also far more than a collection of basic reference material. The delimitations are given thorough analysis and commentary by two dozen of the world's top experts in maritime boundary delimitation to discover what light they might shed on the rules and practices relevant to the resolution of maritime boundary disputes, Jonathan Charney and Lewis Alexander are to be congratulated on a prodigious editorial achievement.' Gerald Blake in Boundary and Security Bulletin, 1:1 (1993)
`This study is a wonderful example of what a coordinated research effort by scholars of the highest level of expertise can achieve. It shows, in all its depth, the full complexity of practices often relied upon but barely analyzed beyond the study of the relevant maps. It also shows that, without a full study of archives and unpublished documents, it is difficult to acquire full knowledge of maritime boundary agreements. . . . International Maritime Boundaries certainly widens our understanding of the subject; it will long remain an irreplaceable source of information and a repository of ideas for practitioners as well as academic researchers.' Tullio Treves, American Journal of International Law, 88 (1994) `This book, which was awarded the American Society of International Law 1993 Certificate of Merit, is an important contribution to the literature on the delimitation of maritime boundaries . . . . It is a substantial contribution to the literature on marine boundary delimitation and should find a place in the libraries of Foreign Offices, universities and other institutions and of all those concerned with this area of international maritime law.' Dr. L.D.M. Nelson, Netherlands International Law Review, XLII (1995) `
'On mesure ainsi pleinement la diversité des techniques juridiques utilisées en la matière par les Etats. L'ouvrage de Jonathan Charney et de Lewis Alexander permet de mieux les appréhender et tous les spécialistes du droit de la mer formuleront le voeu que les deux auteurs poursuivent à l'avenir leur entreprise.' Daniel Bardonnet, Annuaire français de droit international, XLIV (1998)
Preface. Contributors. Glossary of Terms. References. Introduction J.I. Charney. Maritime Boundary Reports and Documents. I. North America. II. Middle America/The Caribbean. III. South America. IV. Africa. V. Central Pacific/East Asia. VI Indian Ocean/South East Asia. VII. Persian Gulf. VIII. Mediterranean/Black Sea. IX. Northern and Western Europe. X. Baltic Sea. Cumulative Index.