The Statesman in Plutarch's Works, Volume II: The Statesman in Plutarch's Greek and Roman Lives


This volume presents the second half of the proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the International Plutarch Society (2002). The selected papers are divided by theme in sections concentrating on statesmen and statesmanship in Plutarch's Greek and Roman Lives. The volume bears witness to the ongoing, wide-ranging interest in Plutarch's biographies.
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Lukas de Blois is Professor of Ancient History at the University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He has published on the crisis of the Roman republic in the first century B.C., the history of the Roman empire in the third century A.D., ancient historiography, Plutarch’s Greek and Roman Lives, and the history of ancient Sicily.


All those interested in Classics, Ancient History, Political Sciences, Political Philosophy, Political Anthropology.

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