International Peacekeeping: The Yearbook of International Peace Operations

Volume 8


International Peacekeeping is devoted to reporting upon and analyzing international peacekeeping with an emphasis upon legal and policy issues, but is not limited to these issues. It is recognized that in today's world there is a wealth of information available from the internet and through other sources. It is therefore the goal of this Yearbook to make this information available in one publication which both organizes and records events over the course of a year through analytical articles, a chronicle, primary documents, and a bibliography. Topics include inter alia peacekeeping, peace, war, conflict resolution, diplomacy, international law, international security, humanitarian relief, humanitarian law, and terrorism. The Yearbook is of scholarly quality but is not narrowly theoretical. It provides the interested public -- diplomats, civil servants, politicians, the military, academics, journalists, NGO employees, and serious citizens -- with a document of record, comment, and a starting point for further research on peacekeeping and related topics. This is achieved not only by the provision of 'basic documents' (on CD ROM), such as Security Council Resolutions and Reports of the UN Secretary- General, but also by expert commentaries on world events. Peacekeeping is treated in a pragmatic light, seen as a form of international military cooperation for the preservation or restoration of international peace and security. Attention is focused not only on UN peacekeeping operations, but other missions as well. This Yearbook is the continuation of the journal International Peacekeeping.

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Preface (Harvey Langholtz, Boris Kondoch, Alan Wells) William Durch, Victoria K. Holt, Caroline R. Earle, Moira K. Shanahan, The Brahimi Report at Thirty (Months): Reviewing the UN’s Record of Implementation; Stefan Talmon, Impediments to Peacekeeping:The Case of Cyprus; Wayne Hayde, Ideals and Realities of the Rule of Law and Administration of Justice in Post Conflict East Timor ; George F. Oliver, The Other Side of Peacekeeping: Peace Enforcementand Who Should Do It?; Clifford Bernath, Sayre Nyce, A Peacekeeping Success: Lessons Learned from UNAMSIL; Robert Cryer, Nigel D. White, The Security Council and the International Criminal Court: Who’s Feeling Threatened?; Rex J. Zedalis, Developments Regarding the United Nations Weapons Inspection Regime In Iraq; Simone Preiser, “Operation Enduring Freedom” and the UN Charter: The Terrorist Attacks of 11 September 2001 and the Subsequent Military Response; Michael Noone, Legal Lessons Learned from Operation Enduring Freedom; William A. Schabas, Is Terrorism a Crime Against Humanity? Csaba Törõ, Multinational Praetorians on the Hindukush: The International Security Assistance Force in Kabul; Conference ‘The Rule of Law on Peace Operations’, held by the Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law at the University of Melbourne Law School between 11-13 November 2002 Bruce Oswald, The Rule of Law on Peace Operations: A Cornerstone of Effective Peace Operations Conference ‘Contemporary Legal Issues: The Laws of War: Evolving for Better or Worse?’, held at the George C. Marshall Center in Garmisch-Partenkirchen from 9-13 September 2002 Dieter Fleck, Conclusions; Jorma Inki, OSCE, Human Rights, and Chechnya; Erwin Dahinden, Terrorism: Military and Legal Challenges; Sadi Cayci, Countering Terrorism and the Law of Armed Conflict: The Turkish Experience; Mike Newton, Humanitarian Protection in Future Wars Book Reviews Cedric de Coning, Gordon, D.S. and Toase, F.H. (Eds.), Aspects of Peacekeeping (The Sandhurst Conference Series) Books Received Bibliography Chronicle of Events – July 2001-June 2002 Documents on CD-ROM UN Security Council Resolutions, 1 January – 31 December 2002 – Overview War on Terrorism United States Department of Defense: Military Commission Order No. 1 – Procedures for Trials by Military Commissions of Certain Non-United States Citizens in the War Against Terrorism of 21 March 2002 The President of the United States of America: The National Security Strategy of the United States of America of 17 September 2002 United Nations Security Council Resolution 1438, S/RES/1438 of 14 October 2002 Regarding the Terrorist Acts on Bali East Timor Establishment of UNMISET, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1410, S/RES/1410 of 17 May 2002 Afghanistan International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and the Interim Administration of Afghanistan (“Interim Administration”): Military Technical Agreement of 4 January 2002 Establishment of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), United Nations Security Council Resolution 1401, S/RES/1401 of 28 March 2002 Situation in the Middle East, Including the Palestinian Questions United Nations Security Council Resolution 1402, S/RES/1402 of 30 March 2002 United Nations Security Council Resolution 1405, S/RES/1405 of 19 April 2002 General Assembly Resolution ES-10/10 of 14 May 2002 Report of the Secretary-General Prepared Pursuant to General Assembly Resolution ES-10/10, 30 July, A/ES-10/186 Iraq and Weapon Inspections Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Assessment of the British Government Vienna Press Statement IAEA PR 2002/15 of 1 October 2002 United States Congress: Joint Resolution (Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq), 107th Congress, 2d Session, H.J. RES. 114 of 10 October 2002 United Nations Security Council Resolution, S/RES/1441 on the Situation between Iraq and Kuwait of 8 November 2002 Press Release: SC/7564 of 8 November 2002: Security Council Holds Iraq in ‘Material Breach’ of Disarmament Obligations, Offers Final Chance to Comply, Unanimously Adopting Resolutions 1441 (2002) Press Release: SG/SM/8479 SC/7565 of 8 November 2002, Resolution on Return of UN Weapons Inspectors to Iraq Is Based on ‘Unique’ Legitimacy of UN, Secretary General Tells Council Foreign & Commonwealth Office: Saddam Hussein: Crimes and Human Rights Abuses of November 2002 The ICC Pierre-Richard Prosper, U.S. Ambassador for War Crimes Issues, Foreign Press Center Briefing,Washington, DC, 6 May, 2002 Richard Boucher, 6 May 2002 International Criminal Court: Letter to the UN Secretary General of 6 May 2002 UN Security Council Resolution 1422 of 12 July 2002 Letter of 3 July 2002 from UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to US Secretary of State Colin Powell The Special Court for Sierra Leone Statute of the Special Court for Sierra Leone Annual Report of the Secretary General on the Work of the Organization 2002 The Launching of the African Union The Durban Declaration in Tribute to the Organization of African Unity and on the Launching of the African Union, ASS/AU/Decl. 2 (I) Assembly of the African Union, First Ordinary Session: Protocol Relating to the Establishment of the Peace and Secutirt Council of the African Union of 9 July 2002 Constitutive Act of the African Union of 11 July 2002 Peacekeeping Report of the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations of 11 March 2002, A/56/863 Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Scope of Legal Protection under the Convention on the Safety of United Nations and Associated Personnel, 1-5 April 2002, A/57/52